Hi! I am Mahit, a product designer who loves breaking down complex problems into simple solutions.

I design solutions that empower users to take control of their financial health and credit preparedness at JPMorgan Chase.

I graduated from the Master of Human-Computer Interaction program at Carnegie Mellon University in August 2022.

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Real quick...

I am Mahit, a product designer currently in Pittsburgh, PA.

I'm graduating from the Master of Human-Computer Interaction program at Carnegie Mellon University, in August 2022.

Prior to this, I worked at Nutanix to design for scale and improve large enterprise adoption.

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Enabling large enterprises to protect their data quickly and effectively

Enterprise Software, Desktop App, Dashboard Design, Designing for Scale

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Bachelor Thesis Project

Making speech therapy accessible for children with hearing impairment

Accessibility, Mobile App, Rapid Prototyping, MVP Testing

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Masters Coursework

Encouraging users to express their true selves using Instagram filters

Instagram Plugin, Mobile Interface, Behavioral Study, Conceptual Design

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Redesigning for incredible scale to cater to large enterprises

In my first stint as a professional UX designer, I addressed challenges around simplifying cloud management software. Among many other projects, I was in charge of the design efforts around allowing enterprise IT admins to proactively secure their company's data. The biggest challenge was to design for scale so that Nutanix can successfully market to larger enterprises.

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Filter Face-off

Encouraging users to express their true selves

Filter Face-off is a fun new game making players pick Instagram filters to answer prompts and take selfies. The objective of the game is to take the funniest selfies to answer a prompt. In this semester-long academic project, I researched the space of online behaviors on social media and Filter Face-off is our solution to persuade players to be more expressive of their true selves.

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Making speech therapy more accessible

A lot of kids born with hearing impairment give up their basic human right to speak even though they have fully developed vocal chords. Speech therapy is cumbersome and extensive and requires several years of effort. Vocle is a one-of-a-kind speech training application that allows any child to train their voice with the help of real-time feedback and captivating gameplay.

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A few projects beyond everyday work

Over the years, I got to tinker with different domains, media, and skills that were all kinds of fun, challenging, and exciting. Here are a few!