Motion Graphics

I love working on motion graphics and making videos that use slick animations. I worked on projects where I created video pitches, marketing videos, and social media artifacts. These are some of my favorite ones!

Command+J Relaunch

Command+J is a mentorship platform for designers. It empowers young professionals to start a dialog within the community to get the support they need. It also provides a platform for industry experts to give back to the community, one mentee at a time.

As part of the 5-member team building Command+J, I storyboarded and animated the relaunch video for use across all social media platforms.

Exploring Gradients and 3D Objects

In this study of 3D elements and gradients, I made this short video of spheres in a cube to create a sense of occlusion and play with light and shadow.

Filter Face-off Pitch

Along with Mia Hoffman from the team, Icreatd this 4 minute video pitch explaining our idea and making a case for the game to help teenagers move away from the dangerous effects of Instagram.

Oculus Go: Onboarding Conceptual Design

I designed a simple onboarding experience for young teenagers to understand how to use Oculus Go and get used to the remote.