A Photograph Comic Book

We came up with a unique medium: a typical comic book, but with photographs

We used a unique new medium where we shot photographs of the actors frozen in the frames and then had edits overlayed on top of the photograph, to give the comic a semi-realistic vibe. This also allowed us to play around with how the actors are positioned and how realistic the photos should be.

Closing thoughts

This challenge gave me the opportunity understand the intricate details behind booking flight tickets, a process I myself was intimidated by, up until then! To be able to understand the system and optimise it gave me an opprtunity to benefit not just the millions of passengers who fly everyday but also my family and I directly.

Given more time to work on this challenge, I would have interacted with more participants to help me refine the scope of the solution and conceptualise a dedicated solution. I would also have designed possible deliverables that would reflect how the sysem would work.